The SEO Demon – The Dark World Of Search Engine Optimization

Whether you believe in a god, gods, angels, spirits, demons or not, you’ve encountered a demon if you desire for many souls to read your egotistical “I can change the world” and “Yaay me” blogs.  But you are trapped, chained, tortured by this demon; the seo demon.

You want your gospel to be read, you want to deliver the world from the evil, tyrant, Satan – I mean ignorance – but, Oh no! The Spiritual Elders – Search Engines – don’t think you’re competent, worthy, sinless, holy or relevant enough to be displayed in their temple courts – first page results listings. For you are tied to the seo demon and must free yourself.

But look at the other messiahs, especially the one at the top, ornamented in his gold, silver, correct sitelinks, search bar and even his DESIRED description, which is usually ignored by the “oh so smart elders”, who obviously skip passes the meta description – WTH. But the other messiahs are nothing but false messiahs, you are the true messiah, you have the truth – or so says your ego.

So you fast for forty days and forty nights, you go out in the wilderness and try getting a bunch of disciples, who always think you’re just spam, and you ask them to spread the word about you and even a link back to you so you can impress the stupid elders.

You use the elder’s spiritual tools: Google Analytics, Google/Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Adwords… you learn the perfect words to use your blogs, see where souls are coming from, how to attract more souls and improve your site.

You then dig into the WordPress garden and find valuable plugin steroids like performance optimizations, caching and you even move your garden to new hosting ground.

You are now faster, powerful, enlightened, cleansed. The seo demon can’t hold you no more. The spiritual elders are now watching you, they invite you to their courts, and you slowly move to the top messianic position  as you gain more disciples. You have now have majestic, king like, search appearance with sitelinks and all the good stuff.

Congrats! you defeated the demon. Now the world’s ignorance is depleted with your blog.

The SEO Demon – The Dark World Of Search Engine Optimization

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